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TurkeyWell, today is a holiday that lately have been know as "Turkey Day"...  I don't like this connotattion.  I preffer the old good "Thanksgiving".  Even if this year has been one of the worst of my life I still have a few things to give thanks for... 
Couple 2In a day like this 5 years ago, my hubby and I engage and a months later we married.  I can't beleive it has been 5 years already.  Time flies!!!  We have been in the ups and down during these 5 years...  Cheer UpWe divorced in December of 2002 and we return back in February of 2003...  Since then we have been trying ot understand each other and to work on this relationship.  Marriage is not easy, and much less when 2 cultures so different are involve, but communication can solve any difference.  Okay, now I sound like Dr. Phil... 
Now my ex-hubby (why not...  I call him hubby now)  is helping me a lot during this dark moment in my life.  This sounds like one of those melodramas during the day.  But it's true.  He's trying to help me not only in the economic factor but also in the emotional area.  Geesh!  I didn't kow I was so difficult! 
So, I'm thankfull to have beside me a wonderful man.  One that helps me (he cooked and did the dished today!  ;-)  and try to understand me when I'm up and when I'm down.  Someone that when I start talking about Tatting he listen (or at least doesn't ignore me) and he even recognize what's Tatting and what's not!  Someone that in the least expected time he makes one of those little random acts of love!  Someone that even guides me spiritually (I love the little discussions we have about religion).
ComputingAlso I'm thankfull for all those wonderful online-pals, specially the nutty tatters!  Without them I'd feel alone and lost in this world. 
I'm just thankfull for this day!  Sunshine