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Secret Santa 1  Ho Ho Ho

Today I received the most worderful surprise!!!  Unwrapped Gift
My "Chaos" Room, I mean "Craft Room" has a window looking to the street.  So when the mailcarrier pass I can see him/her.  So, I saw him today and I went to check the mail.  Suddenly I saw him come back because he forgot to leave this package!  Can you believe it?!  He almost forgot to give me my package!!!!  Mailman
Anyway.  The package is from one of my Secret Santas.  It doesn't have name but has some hints...  It came from WA...  And everything was inside of a Sthetoscope Box.    Hmm...  I wonder who could it be?  When I open the box the 1st thing to catch my eyes is this beutiful small bad.  It's folded kinda like Origami.  It has nifty pockets outside and inside.  AND INSIDE was this DMC #80 ball in a pretty shade of blue and a green Clover shuttle with a Santa and "Noel" decal!
Also there was a vial of pretty irridescent green beads, 10 grams.  Sufficient for a couple of beaded ornaments.  A ball of "Bath Fizzie" with cute snowman was also in the box.  Last but not least was a "giagant" M&M.  lol  Well, it's a tin in the form of a M&M and inside has, of course, M&M's.  Chocolates
I can't eat the M&M's right now because of the headache.  But wait until I feel better!  I'll eat them all and will not share!  LOL  Feed Me