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Bad Day

I've been all day working with the new web hosting company for the Needles-N-Shuttles!!!  I can't pay anymore for the web osting so I change it to a company that will be free fro the next 3 years.  Well...  It may be cheap but it's causing me the headaches again!  Pulling My Hair OutThe page takes too long to open!  Oh well... 
Also there's a "galoping" Trojan horse in the pc and the antivirus, even if it says that it's on the pc it can't reach it to clean it.  Why people have to be so nasty!  This pc is the only thing that keeps me going on with my life.  If I loose this one then I will not have nothing else!  I can't afford to repair the pc.  Waah!!!  Pouty
So many bad things happening at the same time!!!  I can't deal with them!  I'll go and drink some hot cocoa and go under the covers of my cozy bed and read.  No even energy to tat something.  Indifference