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January 21

Another Saga Begins

Well, the year didn't start in a good way.  I'm still battleing with the freaking depression and now my ex-husband is again angry with me.  I don't know what's his problem.  My therapist says that may be he's also suffering of depression and is jealous that I have been able to see and visit my family while he hasn't been able to see his.
Geesh!  I'm so tire of all this situation.  Not only the problems with him but also my health and economic problems.  Everywhere I look for answer and I can't find at least a minimal help...  Until when I'll have to deal with all this?  I haven't been able even to tat for awhile.  My concentration is not good and everytime that I start to tat something I make so many miustakes that I just throw the shuttles to a corner.
Well...  I think that I will have to sell my shuttles collection to see if I can grab some money, publish a small booklet with some patterns that I haven't post in the web site yet and prepare myself to go to the Shelter.  Yes...  I'm going to move out of the house and go to a Women's Shelter.

If in some way you're moved to help me getting out of this situation, donations are accepted.  I hope that God bless you and your family in a special way!