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I had my 1st appointment today at the Mental Clinic.  It was fine...  I had to take 2 buses to arrive to the clinic.  Today the day is cold and windy, so I HATE to take buses in days like this.  But I can't do nothing about the weather and I must stick with the treatment.  The doctor is a young one but very nice.  They are going to assign a therapist next week so I can vent my worries. 
In a positive note...  Today I received a great surprise!!!  "Santa" send me a great gift!!!  My dear friend from Netherlands, Riet, talked with Santa and she sent me 10 (that's right!) Oren Bayan #50 in gorgeous colors and 2 balls of Oren Bayan #70 in White.  The balls are 100 grams each!!!  Can you imagine!  I have threads to tat for a good time now!  Also she send tons of beads in pretty jeweled colors, some butterflies and dragonflies silver-tone charms, and some plastic stars and flowers to make snowflakes.  There's this cute cat-shape wood pen and also the Tatted Chess book.  I think I'll make this chess game soon!
Thanks so much my dearest Riet!  You have made my days brighter!!!