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Well, I haven't write anything is along time.  I guess I've been so busy doing nothing!  Wild & Crazy 
Well, I've been making a lot of drawings for things I would love to design, and also I finished some doilies, working in my 1st doily design and also writing my 2nd book in English and the 1st in Spanish.  Too Happy   Yep, that made me dance the watusi!  LOL  The new book's title is "Dreamy Winter" or "Invierno de Ensueño" in Spanish and it contains 11 original patterns for Snowflakes and Dreamcatchers.  On this Summer I'll publish another one and I already has the title.  It will be call "Heavenly Tatting" / "Frivolite Celestial".  I thin that from now one I'll be writing my books in Spanish and English at the same time.
All the books I'm selling from Febraury until April I'll be donating a 30% to the House of Hopitality.  That's a shelter for battered and abused women here in Rome.  Why that, well because I had o spend a few months myself in there and they helped me so much that I want to contribute and return back.Kiss With Pigtails 

Want to buy the book?  Then go to my Shop at  Dollar Smiley