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Web Surfing

ComputingGeesh!  It's so easy to lost time surfing the net!  I have spent like 4 hours jut browsing and looking for an animated book gif.  At last I found it, among other gifs and cool pics.  Thumbs Up
Finally I started to work in my new Tatting Gallery.  Three pages are finished and ready to upload.  But efore I continue I have to take a break and go to cook something.  I don't want hubby think that I'm abusing of him.  Hey, what else I can do!?  When he's at home he cooks, do the dishes and clean up the things I haven't been able to do.  I just adore him!!!Couple 2
I think I still have a little of the turkey stew we made on Thanksgiving.  I think I'll make some rice with it. 
I haven't touch today my tatting and my fingers are itching and eager to get some shuttle action.  I have 4 shuttles full with Omega #20 White.  What should I do with them?