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Russian Collar

Well I decided to use the filled shuttles to make a collar.  I got Demidova's Russian book and I love it!  Even if I have had found some mistakes like, some of the instructions are not complete or the diagrams (photos) doesn't match...  It's a "Must Have" book.  Way To Go


This is a picture of the collar as is on the book.  I don't think the varigated color gives justice to the pattern.  I preffer to have solid colors with this kind of pattern.


This is what I have done until now.  Not bad for a few hours of work!  I'm going to add an extra "point" to make it longer.  Also I'm thinking in making it one piece instead of making 2 pieces...  Well, may be not.  I'm going to send this to my mom as her Xmas gift, so I think it's better if she decides how to sew it to the blouse.

I'm getting a little tire now.  I woke up at 4 am to prepare breakfast for hubby.  He returned to work this morning.  *sight*  Here I am alone in the house again!  At least now I have the company of the kitty.