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Russian Collar

Yippee!!!  Wakka Wakka
I finished the Russian Collar.  It's not a difficult pattern and it only took me around 15 hrs to finish it.  Here is the scan.  I still need to iron it a little and to hide the ends.


Now I need to find some patterns for the shawl I want to make.  I got the black thread and I'm having the energy, so now I just need to find that special pattern.
Have you ever feel like a void when you finish a pattern or big project?  Geesh!  Everytime that I finish something I feel like a void or even like a depression.  I mean, it's great to accomplish a big project; but at the same time there's this feeling...  Like when you have put all your effort to do something and after accomplish it then you don't need to make that effort anymore.  Have you have feel this?  Do I make sense?  Very Confused